Why Valuit?

Why Valuit?

We are The Depreciation Specialists – we are all about cashflow

1.  Maximum Depreciation

Valuit utilises the IRD depreciation publication IR260 to determine the relevant depreciation categories to enable a full breakdown of the components within property.

2. Reduced Risk of Penalties

IRD do audit apportionments. Valuit believes the apportionments we complete are within the bounds set by IRD. We can support methodologies used and the system implemented produces a clear calculation path.

3. Minimise Depreciation Recovery

With the implementation of a comprehensive apportionment report at purchase, this can be used to also minimise depreciation recovery. Although this is no longer a major factor with the removal of depreciation for the building structure, this is still relevant for properties purchased prior to 1 April 2011.

4. Consistent Reporting Methods

Specially-designed software program allow Valuit reports to be completed anywhere in New Zealand, producing consistent results nationwide.

5.  Meeting IRD Requirements

Continual research is conducted by Valuit to ensure reporting methods are in accordance with IRD requirements and rulings. Recent years have seen substantial changes come into force – and many investors are not receiving the maximum return for their investment as a result.

6. Increased Cash-Flow

Maximising depreciation allows greater write-offs against income received on the property, providing you with increased cash flow and more financial flexibility.

7. Market Leader

Our constant research ensures Valuit is up to date with changes in the market place. We’ve got the best in the business working with us, ensuring you receive the best report to help you maximise your investment.

8. Easy Disposal of Assets

The Valuit system is detailed enough that if any asset within the property is disposed of we can provide a value for the specific item.

9. One Off Cost

Your Valuit report will form the basis of the depreciation schedule for your property, and is used throughout the years of ownership. No further yearly reports or cost are involved.

10. Specialist

Valuit Asset Appraisals Limited is the only New Zealand company specialising in residential rental and commercial property depreciation.

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Use the calculator below to estimate the depreciation on your RESIDENTIAL investment property. NOTE this is an example only and actual deprecation will differ. This calculation is based on a single stand alone dwelling.

Purchase Price
Your estimate of Current Land Value
Construction Completion Year
Recent Renovations to Property
Annual Income Bracket for Tax Benefits
1st Year10 Year Total
Estimated Depreciation
Estimated Tax Savings