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Cashflow D.I.Y –  (WOW Just $99 + GST)

This is our DO IT YOURSELF product. This is aimed at properties that have a very low level of internal improvements. A property that would benefit from this low cost product will generally have limited or no carpets, a low quality of interior fittings and will be fairly tired.

This is a way to get a basic depreciation schedule without the higher costs of our full “Cashflow PRO” product. It will provide you with a limited depreciation schedule of items within the IRD Residential Rental Property Chattels list and will generate some cashflow benefit for you.

This product is priced at $99 + GST. To assess if this is the right product for your property, give one of our team a call on (0508) 482 583

Let’s take a look at what you could expect from Cashflow D.I.Y and what type of property would benefit.

Residential Properties

Property Type:

  • Single Tenancy Dwelling
  • Basic Quality
  • Limited fittings
  • Poor condition

Claim Depreciation on:

  • Carpets @ 25%
  • Curtains @ 25%
  • Smoke Alarms @ 30%
  • Water Heater @ 13%
  • ……. and more.

Cashflow benefit:

  • Minor benefit
  • Hundreds of dollars per year

Price point:

$99.00 +GST

  • Our team will guide you to assess if this is the right prduct for your property

Get Started:

  • Call our team on (0508) 482 583


To make an enquiry or to find out more call (0508) 482 583 or simply click here

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