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Cashflow D.I.Y –  (WOW Just $99 + GST)

This is our DO IT YOURSELF product. This is aimed at properties that have a very low level of internal improvements. A property that would benefit from this low cost product will generally have limited or no carpets, a low quality of interior fittings and will be fairly tired.

This is a way to get a basic depreciation schedule without the higher costs of our full “Cashflow PRO” product. It will provide you with a limited depreciation schedule of items within the IRD Residential Rental Property Chattels list and will generate some cashflow benefit for you.

NOTE: To ensure you maximise your return, the eligability of the DIY product must be assessed by our team in advance, we would hate you to miss out on your full depreciation claim.

This product is priced at $99 + GST. To assess if this is the right product for your property, give one of our team a call on (0508) 482 583

Let’s take a look at what you could expect from Cashflow D.I.Y and what type of property would benefit.

Residential Properties

Property Type:

  • Single Tenancy Dwelling
  • Basic Quality
  • Limited fittings
  • Poor condition

Claim Depreciation on:

  • Carpets @ 25%
  • Curtains @ 25%
  • Water Heater @ 13%
  • ……. and more.

Cashflow benefit:

  • Minor benefit
  • Hundreds of dollars per year

Price point:

$99.00 +GST

  • Our team will guide you to assess if this is the right prduct for your property

Get Started:

  • Call our team on (0508) 482 583


To make an enquiry or to find out more call (0508) 482 583 or simply click here

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