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Cashflow PRO

This is our standard residential property product and provides the best returns for residential property. This is aimed at the average to above average rental property that would look to provide a level of accomodation from standard through to luxury accomodation. 

If you are serious about property investing and you want to get the best possible cashflow advantage from claiming depreciation then this is the product for you. It will provide you with a thorough depreciation schedule that includes the exterior and interior improvements and will generate considerable cashflow benefit for you.

Let’s take a look at what you could expect from Cashflow PRO and what type of property would benefit.

Residential Properties

Property Type:

  • Single Tenancy Dwelling
  • Multiple Tenancy Dwellings (blocks of flats)
  • Apartments
  • Average to Superior condition
  • Average to Superior quality

Claim Depreciation on:

  • Carpets @ 25%
  • Curtains @ 25%
  • Water Heater @ 13%
  • Dishwasher @ 30%
  • Electric heaters @ 67%
  • Fences @ 10%
  • Decks @ 8%
  • ……. and much much more.

Cashflow benefit:

  • Moderate – Substantial benefit
  • Generally Thousands of dollars per year

Price point:

house  $475.00 +GST 

Get Started:

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